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Raju Rimal

  • Vollveien 7, 1433, Ås, Norway
  • +47 99884369

Personal Details

Date of Birth 08 February 1983 Nationality Nepalese
Gender Male Maritial Status Married


Statistical Counselling

Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ås, Norway
Consultant, Statistical Help Nov 2016-March 2018

The help service for statistics and data analysis gives students statistical advice and tips about data analysis.


Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ås, Norway

Applied Methods in Statistics Autumn 2018
Involved in lecturing the part of the course.

Design of Experiment and Analysis of Variance Autumn 2017
Involved in lecturing the part of the course.

Teaching Assistant

Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ås, Norway

Applied Methods in Statistics Autumn 2016, 2017 and 2018
The course includes theoretical and practical concepts in various topics of statistics including generalised linear model, multivariate analysis, classification and clustering.

Regression Analysis January 2014, 2016 and 2017
The course covers the topics on prediction, estimation and assessment of linear regression and logistic regression.

Design of Experiment and Analysis of Variance August 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017
The course covers the concepts of various experimental designs, fixed and random effect on analysis of variance and hierarchical designs.

IT Support

Election Commission Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal
Computer Operator Aug 2011 - Aug 2012
Responsible for maintaining local IT infrastructure. Creating and preparing printing materials such as brochures, reports and advertisements.

Postal Services Department, Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal
Computer Operator Mar 2005 - Aug 2011
IT related assistance, maintaining local IT infrastructure, preparation of graphics and photograph for ticket publication. Various administrative IT related works.


Dissertations and Publications

Masters Thesis 2015
Rimal, Raju. Evaluation of models for predicting the average monthly Euro versus Norwegian krone exchange rate from financial and commodity information. MS thesis. Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, 2014

PhD Papers 2015-2019

Rimal, Raju, Trygve Almøy, and Solve Sæbø. A tool for simulating multi-response linear model data. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 176 (2018): 1-10. Helland, Inge S., Sæbø, Sæbø, Almøy, Trygve and Rimal, Raju, 2018. Model and estimators for partial least squares regression. Journal of Chemometrics, 32(9), p.e3044.

Dissertations and Publications

Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ås, Norway
Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Statistics 2015-2019


+ Research Ethics and Philosophy of Sciences + Applied Machine Learning II
+ Selected Topics in Statistics + UiO: Advanced Regression and Classification
+ Applied Machine Learning I + NTNU: Multivariate Data and Meta Modeling

Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ås, Norway
Masters in Bioinformatics and Applied Statistics 2012-2015


+ Design of Experiment + Theoretical Statistics + Statistical programming in R
+ Statistical Data Analysis + Academic Writing + Econometric Methods
+ Analysis of Categorical Data + Bayesian Analysis + Regression Analysis

Tribhuwan University, Central Department of Statistics Kathmandu, Nepal
Masters in Statistics 2007-2009


+ Sampling Theory + Multivariate Statistics + Biostatistics
+ Stochastic Process + Population Demography + Quality Control


Programming Skills

R programming:

+ Making R package + Proper grasp on tidyverse philosophy
+ Create Shiny Application + Excellent command on knitr and Rmarkdown
+ Data cleaning, Analysis and Modeling

Python programming:

  • [+] Making Python package
  • [+] Can work on small to medium level maching learning and deeplearning project
  • [+] Experience with scientific packages

Other languages:

  • LaTeX: Experience in creating LaTeX documents and presentations
  • Julia: Novice experience with Julia Programming
  • Bash: Basic Bash programming experience
  • SQL: Basic Knowledge of SQL
  • Stata, SPSS: Basic Experience

Tools for Reproducible Research and Workflow

  • Git: Experience with collaborative workflow with git
  • Docker: Basic knowledge and experience of docker (containerize) technology

Web Technology

  • Web Fundamentals: Knowledge of fundamental web languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Websites: Creating websites using wordpress and static web generators such as Hugo, Jekyll and gitbook


  • Good Communication Skill
  • Self Competence with team Spirit
  • Friendly and Helpful Nature


Reading Writing Speaking Listining
English Excellent Very Good Very Good Excellent
Hindi Very Good Good Good Excellent
Norwegian Novice (A2) Novice (A2) Novice (A2) Novice (A2)